Support during posting abroad

In addition to professional criteria but also social and intercultural criteria and, where appropriate, leadership capability and independence are required.

For many employees, there is a reluctance to work abroad because of the resistance of the spouse against a stay abroad or because of the spouse’s occupation (Becker 1999).

During the expatriation period, assistance should be provided with regard to technical, administrative and psychological aspects (Becker 1999).

Often the need for action in facilitating the return is overlooked. The processing and integration of experience abroad represent a valuable resource.

We care for you and your family members through intercultural training sessions and workshops as well as through individual coaching throughout the duration of your stay.

Accompaniment during a business trip

There comes a time when one must meet his business partner. This may be at the beginning or after the establishment of the business. The first contact is important in order to make a basic assessment of the business partner in terms of reliability, quality, size and credibility. Risks can thereby be minimized.

To already reduce potential problems and risks in advance, we are also glad to accompany you on a business trip and assist you during negotiations in the local language (German/French).