Differentiated. Concretely. Individually

Coaching is the individual support of people in professional and private life. You reflect together with your coach on your professional and personal life. You are supported and accompanied in setting your goals, activating resources and developing personal problem-solving strategies. We are highly oriented to achieving goals and providing solutions for our clients. We offer the following services for private individuals and companies:

Individual coaching places a focus on you and your personal concerns. As a coach, we support you in your solution-oriented development process and help you discard barriers, thought and action opportunities to rediscover and expand.

Coaching as personality development sees opportunities in crises to personally develop further. The person develops extensively and grows a personal zest for life.

Coaching creates new ways of thinking and behaving,

Topics of coaching could be:

Decision conflicts between personal and professional life … conflicts in the team and / or the company … self-reflection … communication difficulties … vocational training … dealing with stress … goal setting … relationship management … leadership … development of a congruent style of leadership … professional and personal empathy … stress management … self-confidence … fear … reflection of the own leadership behaviour … hindrances … dealing with bullying … planning uncertainty … life … family planning … partnership … personal visions and goals … making sense … increasing the joy of life … career transition and much more …

Your Benefits:

The effects of coaching go far beyond the immediate solutions that will be developed for each specific concern. You will therefore develop better access to your strengths and achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

Overall emotional and interpersonal friction losses are reduced, thus saving resources activated through increased efficiency costs – emotional and financial.

Coaching sessions can be booked independent of a training session or to deepen training. This is especially true for foreign employees and executives.

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